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Rule & Regulation


The College will supply the following uniform dresses to each students(C.P.Ed.) before the regular class starts.
  • Track Shoot one pair(For Boys & Girls).
  • Two pairs of white colour short pant/long and banion(For both Boys & Girls).
  • One Pair of white full pant & white full shirt with tie and one sports bag for boys & girls.
  • One pair of white saluwar shoot with red colour only for girls students.


Only SC/ST Candidates will be eligible for post matric scholarship by the Welfare Department of Odisha .


Institute regulations regarding attendance,examination and results will be followed strictly.Each student is expected to attend 75% of attendance(separately in theory and practicals).Any absence without prior permission or in absence of valid reasons will amount to an act of indiscipline.However leave may be sanctioned on account of illness,injury or other similar reasons,which should not exceed 30% of total classes in each subject/activity.Attendance will be counted from commencement of the sessions irrespective of the dates of admission of individual student.

Conduct and Discipline

Students are expected to maintain excellent conduct both inside and outside the college and hostel.They shall be supplied with a copy of the institute rules & regulation .Breach of institute rules may result indisciplinary action including explosion or rustication from the institute.The institute reserves the right to make changes in these Rules at any timewhich will be notified to the students for compliance.Ragging is strictly prohibited.if such incident come to the notice of the authority,the concerned students will be penalized as per Govt. rule.
Sri. RanenradraPratap swain
Prasannamani College of Physical Education & Yoga is a bold and daring venture to create an educational cradle in the area that will cater better to the Physical educational needs of the people and place.
Dr. Ramesh Chandra Pradhan
Provide Good vocational guidance and placement services, professional and academic leadership in the field of physical education.
ossim Mohammad
We have set up, in this regard, Committees and various Literary Clubs to foster the overall growth of the students. New avenues to foster sporting talents are in the offing and to enrich the esthetic sense, we regularly organize various cultural activities.
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